Cinema Sound Vol. 5 - Kosmiche Groove - is up…. a mix I think you’ll really like, starting with this month’s featured score— Melies’ Le voyage dans la lune by AIR— continuing with some groovy jams and a krautrock block featuring score selections from Can, Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh. Lots of great stuff in here including scores by David Holmes, Alain Goraguer and Serge Gainsbourg. Put on some cans and trip out to this one. To download this mix directly to your computer, save here.

00:00 — The Cinematic Orchestra - “The Projectionist” & “Melody” from MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA

00:25 — AIR - “Astronomic Club” from LA VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE

03:32 — David Holmes - “Looking for Clues” from HAYWIRE

05:05 — Giuliano Sorgini - “Mad Town” from ZOO FOLLE

08:09 — Serge Gainsbourg - “Danger” from CANNABIS

10:14 — Angelo Michajlov - “Twenty Past Two” from SAXANA—THE GIRL ON THE BROOMSTICK

11:26 — Andrzej Korzynski - “Opening Titles” from POSSESSION

12:15 — Karl Heinz Schaefer - “La Victime” from LES GANTS BLANCS DU DIABLE

15:05 — Alain Goraguer - “Mira Et Ten” & “Les Hommes - La Grande Co-Existence” from LA PLANÉTE SAUVAGE (FANTASTIC PLANET)

16:56 — Riz Ortolani - “Savage Rite” from CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST

20:33 — Franco Micalizzi - “Etoile” from ETOILE

23:05 — Nora Orlandi - “Dies Irae” from THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH

25:12 — AIR - “Cosmic Trip” from LA VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE

29:14 — Can - “Title Music” from DEADLOCK

30:53 — NEU! - “Super 16” from KILL BILL

34:10 — Popol Vuh - “Aguirre 1” from AGUIRRE: THE WRATH OF GOD

40:16 — Tangerine Dream - “Puer natus est nobis (Gloria)” from THE KEEP

43:21 — Edgar Froese - “Snake Bath” from KAMIKAZE 1989

48:04 — AIR - “Moon Fever” from LA VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE

(60 plays)

CINEMA SOUND - Vol. 4 - 2011 Part Two

Here’s Part Two of my 2001 film score mix. These selections are mostly orchestral and are all original scores with the exception of the pieces used in MELANCHOLIA and THE TREE OF LIFE (Part One is mostly ambient and electronic and can be played here). Download Part Two for your computer or device here (right click and save as).

(160 plays)